The floor is designed as if it were a maze Casinos are intentionally designed as mazes. No straight corridors lead to an easy exit or clear sections from one play area to another.

Instead, everything is strategically placed to grab your attention and make you stop for a round of roulette or drop a few bucks playing poker when your only intention is to go to the bathroom or exit.

They Offer Free Accommodation And Food.

If you spend money at the casino, they offer free meals and accommodation at the adjacent hotel. With this, you get to cover your basic needs, and once the night has passed, the next morning, you feel like betting a little more.

Can’t See Outside

Once you enter the casino, you leave the outside world aside, and you even lose track of time, and you don’t know what time it is if you don’t check the clock or the phone.

The casinos stay the same whether it is night or day, and thanks to various decoration tricks, you will feel that it is an appropriate time to be awake. In addition, the paintings on the ceiling and the

Celebrate Rare Customer Victories.

The possibility of winning the jackpot on a slot machine or hitting a winning streak in some game of chance is slim.

However, on rare occasions, a customer wins the jackpot on a machine filled with colourful lights and sounds to celebrate. The same thing happens at the game tables since when you win, and they applaud you. These celebrations create the false feeling that another player may have a chance to do the same.

They Offer Loyalty Programs.

Casinos offer rewards programs to players where you earn points for every dollar you play, even if you lose. If you get a lot of points, you might get a free meal. The trap is that you have lost 700 euros and only recovered 28 euros in points.

They Make You Play With Chips Instead Of Real Money

You are playing for real money when you double-downplay blackjack or poker. However, it feels differently since you have exchanged the bills and coins for tokens representing that amount.

It’s much easier to bet those chips than money because if you lose, you feel like it’s not that important. Many casinos also allow you to put money on a card used in digital games and manage to create the same decoupling. It is not real money.

There’s No Clock In Sight.

You will never see a clock in a casino. The casino owners want you to lose track of time and never know if it is day or night. This way, you only focus on one thing: your luck. If you want to know the time, you can only trust one thing: your watch or your phone.

They Offer You Free Rounds Of Alcohol.

That you drink excessively is the best thing that can happen to a casino. It clouds your judgment and uninhibited you, so you’ll keep playing non-stop regardless of the consequences. Worst of all is that, in many cases, the drink is free.

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